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Sample Packs

Drum & Bass Intelligence

- Loopmasters

Loopmasters are proud to present "Drum and Bass Intelligence" – an extraordinary collection of royalty-free samples created by luminary producer, Reso, created exclusively for Loopmasters. Expect nothing less than hard hitting Basslines, up-front Breakbeats and haunting Lead sounds to raise the heat on the dancefloor.


Review from

The musically deft Hospital Records star hits the right mark with his debut sample pack by keeping things simple and true to his particular sound.

Ultimately, and unsurprisingly, it’s the stemmed drum loops and basslines that make this one a winner, especially the more tech-style basses, which are utterly enthralling; but the synths, pads and atmospheres are ace, too.

4.5 out of 5

Drum & Bass Intelligence Vol 2

- Loopmasters

Loopmasters are proud to present Drum ‘n’ Bass Intelligence Vol. 2, the latest offering from DnB mastermind Reso. Following up from the success of Reso’s last outing, we had to get another exclusive batch from his sought after sound palette to share with our community!

Review From Computer Music Magazine

The follow up to Drum & Bass Intelligence sees acclaimed DnB producer Alex Melia rolling out 800MB of loops and one-shots in the polished. driving style for which he's known. The drum and percussion loops perfectly balance power and dynamism; the muscular basslines serve as a masterclass in modulation; and the pads, arps and atmospheres are sublime. Everything is at 172bpm, but there are plenty of half-time beats in there. Brilliant.

9 out of 10